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How do you start a new career after 25 years of doing what I loved, Real Estate Broker, owner of my own company with great agents. I thought I would do that until I died. Breast Cancer got my attention. On the outside I acted like no big deal but inside I knew the stress level was out of control and I had to change. Retire, that's what I'll do. I made it 4 years. I've worked all my life since I was 14. I must do Something, Something Fun, Something mobile. No more 8 to 5. When one door shuts another door opens. I put up my antennas and became aware of new opportunities. On a trip to Arizona I saw beautiful gemstones and crystals. I knew my style was different but I could visualize what I could create. Crochet wire with pearls, crystals and gemstones. "Artistic Statement Pieces". One of a Kind. How do I do this? I called my daughter Cyndi. who had made jewelry in the past. What do I need to get started? She told me many things but one thing she said is I must have Jump Rings. What are jump rings? I learned fast. Now she lives 2000 miles away from me so it wasn't something she could show me. That's where it began. I was excited. I live and breathe creating my own style of jewelry. I crochet small and large pieces, necklaces and bracelets. I went back to painting on canvas, which I had done many years ago. I took pieces of the paintings, fused them between blown glass and metal, then I wire them into necklaces, bracelets and broaches.

 I am constantly creating new jewelry pieces. I do many private showings with ladies and their outfits and design a custom jewelry piece to match. One of a Kind Artisan Jewelry.

Each day is an adventure with BECyn Design!

    BE (Beth) Cyn (Cyndi, my daughter)

        BECyn Design

            Designer Beth Adele